Parankushachar Institute of Vedic Studies (PIVS) is a registered Public Charitable Trust, registered in Sep. 1996, working towards preservation, research and propagation of Vedic culture and Heritage through modern means and to reach out to all humankind..

The major objectives of the Trust are to propagate Veda-s, Divya Prabandhams, Stotra, Sampradaya granthas etc. by teaching (traditionally), discourses, lectures, seminars etc. in Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, English media and popular modes.

Digital content creation on these original texts and their translations, commentaries, expositions etc. is also undertaken and training of scholars and interested persons in the process of creation is under way.

Publication of rare, important books, manuscripts etc. on Vedic studies is also another activity. Research on these works and publishing results in various languages is the end result envisaged.

The birth centenary of Late Salakshana Ghanapathi, MahaVidvan, Bhooloka-NityaSuri, U.Ve. Sri Parankushacharya Svami was celebrated on 19.1.2005. As he was an illustrious scholar and authority on Krishna Yajurveda, Divya Prabandhams, Dharma shastras, Pourohitya, Agama, Vedanta etc. and a versatile teacher with a vast number of students, admirers and disciples, we spontaneously received many scholarly articles in many languages for a commemorative Souvenir, which was released by HH Sri RangaPriya Swamiji.

In all, about 40 articles of very high scholastic value and research in Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, English, Prakrit etc. are contained herein which should a good reference work for any cultural heritage connoisseur. The contributors include Prof. Sri NS Ramanuja Tatacharya, Panditaratnam Sri KS Varadacharya, Valayapettai Sri Ramanuja Tatacharya, Navalpakkam Sri Varadacharya, Prof. Sri NT Srinivasa Iyengar, Dr. Sri NS Anantha Rangachar, Dr. Sri AS Venkatanathan, Sri P.S. Rameshawara Avadhani, Sri SV Sham Bhatta, Dhali Sri Lakshminrisimha Bhatta, Prof. Sri KS Kannan and others.

The programme for the Centenary celebrations included Vedic and Divya Prabandham recitations for five days (two times a day) by eminent scholars between 15.1.2005 and 19.1.2005, Ramayana Pattabhishekam, Release of Commemorative Souvenir, Tadiyaradhanam (feeding on all five days) and discourses by scholars and honouring them.

                                                 Veda Varidhi Dr. P. Ramanujan, Founder Trustee
                                  5 DC 722, H.R.B.R. II Block, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore 560 043
                                                                            25433239/22736337;9844090188                                                       e-mail:;

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